FarmKeeper Support

You found the right place to ask your Farmkeeper questions. 

Evelien has been providing FarmKeeper support & training since 2005 and knows the program inside and out.

The Livestock Improvement Corporation handed over the support for FarmKeeper to The Farm Office on the 1st of May 2017. LIC no longer provides support for FarmKeeper and it is not longer sold.

The support for FarmKeeper is no longer free. You will not be invoiced for short calls (max. 5 minutes) and activation requests and you will be told if you need to pay for your call.


You can download the latest version of


and the

C-Dax add-on 


The Rules

  • You can call or text +64 27 5575521 any time for FarmKeeper support. The phone is answered during New Zealand office hours. If you get an answer outside office hours, you are lucky. 
  • If the phone is not answered or engaged, leave a message including your phone number and a short description of your question. You will be called back within 24 hours.
  • The charge for support is $22.50 incl GST per 15 minutes. You are not invoiced for short calls (max. 5 minutes). You can pay by direct credit and you will be emailed an invoice.
  • You can email me with your question on Usually, it is easier to resolve problems over the phone or via screen sharing, so include your phone number. 

What can you get help with?

  • "How to" questions
  • Communication problems with your C-Dax pasture meter
  • Moving FarmKeeper to a new computer
  • Finding your license number, installation, and activation
  • Creating a new map and finding an aerial photo, or which files to get from your GPS map creator.
  • Links below to download FarmKeeper and the C-Dax extension
  • FarmKeeper works under Windows 11