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Queen Elizabeth 1926 - 2022

Drawing by Eleanor Tomlinson

Drawing by Eleanor Tomlinson

A long reign and a long connection with the agricultural industry

We all have seen a lot of documentaries, comments and personal memories about our queen's 70 year reign since her passing on the 8th of September in Scotland. 

Apart from having a lot of respect for the dedication of someone on the job for 70 years, what struck me personally was how much she was a country person at heart. 

She was at her happiest at Balmoral and her personal interest in dogs, horse and cows was even longer lived than her reign. The 47 year relationship with a family in the Waikato over in interest in breeding quality Jersey cows is a great example of her personal interest.

So not only are we mourning the loss of the only queen most of us have know, but also a stalwart supporter of farming and the breeding quality animals.