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What our clients say

Mangapoike Family Group - Sheep, Beef & Orchards

In 2016 our 3 business entities were looking for someone to assist with our financial admin – Payroll, Tax, GST, Coding Accounts, Loading Invoices, etc – we had no idea where to look so reverted to google search.

We found Evelien at  The Farm Office . It was a slight leap of faith; we farm in Gisborne and Evelien is based in Christchurch and we had no referral. Our systems are all cloud-based (Farm IQ, Figured & Xero) so there was no issue with functionality and remote delivery but we were still allowing a complete stranger access to our finances.
However, three years on we reflect on that decision to enlist Evelien’s services and we can honestly say that it has been one of our better ones. Evelien is highly efficient, organised and importantly has huge integrity. She is a straight shooter, adamant about compliance (which offers comfort from a risk perspective), is well informed and if she is not sure she goes the extra distance to find out. She works hard, is very accessible and offers huge support in her role.
In conclusion, Evelien provides a fantastic service, is a critical member of our team and we highly rate her contribution to our business entities.

Dan & Tam Jex-Blake
Mangapoike Family Group

Gunsight Farms Limited - Dairy Farming

The Farm Office has been doing my books since 2012 and I have found them a great help to my business.

Evelien has been great to deal with doing payroll, bills, GST and endless budgets. Always changing my mind, she has no problems with that and is always just a phone call away.
Andrew Mirfin - Gunsight Farms

HCDT Ltd - Spraying Contractor & Grazier

Evelien from The Farm Office runs the behind the scenes part of my business.

She is fastidious with all the bookkeeping and staff wages, but more importantly for me, she drives these things for me.
Ever since the start, she has been a wealth of knowledge on all bookkeeping matters as well as a wealth of business planning and the latest tech and accounting information when I have needed to ask.
Also Evelien is a great business mentor when I've needed help with ideas or she has come up with ideas and come to me with them.
I could not have done anywhere near this standard of the bookkeeping myself and it is a pleasure to have her as part of my team.
On a lighter note, I thank you. Had it not been for you I fear I might now be single.

Hamish Thorne (and Anna!!)

Parnassus Dairy Ltd - Dairy Farming

We were very pleased to hear of your nomination for an award for excellence in Bookkeeping.

We have always found you very accurate, timely and pleasant to work with.

Of particular benefit to us has been your attendance at our budget meetings, your input has assisted us to streamline coding and timing of expenses and income streams. 

Keep it up and good luck with the awards.

Best wishes,

Steve Brown

Farming Future - Contract Milking Business

Evelien has been an integral part of our Contract Milking business since meeting at a Dairy Women’s Network meeting in 2010 where she was a guest speaker discussing budgeting and finance.

Evelien made an impression on us and as we were starting the June 2010 as Contract Milkers we contacted her to see if she could help us with setting up a budget and navigating the Cash Manager System. Evelien helped with any questions we had, and we met each year to go over the next seasons budget.

 In 2018 we asked Evelien to take control of wages and returns, such as PAYE and GST, as well as setting up payment of monthly accounts.

We have a great working relationship with Evelien, she is trustworthy, knowledgeable, reliable and does an excellent job for us.

Shane & Mindy Edwards

Central Canterbury Spraying Ltd - Spraying Contractor

I believe since you have come on board with Central Canterbury Spraying Ltd you have brought a massive amount of professionalism to my business. The invoices are a lot tidier, consistent and always correct (this was not the case before).

You have happily worked with the introduction of TracMap, introduced Xero which has been great, and reminded me several times when I have forgotten to do something that needs doing! 

The bookkeeping side of CCS is far from my strong point so these things have helped a lot, I can simply just go to work and do what I do best and let you take care of the rest knowing that it will be taken care of properly.

Your work is very much appreciated! 


Mike Wilson

Deb & Bryan Haylock - Dairy Farming

With increasing administration for on-farm compliance, it is a relief to have entrusted Evelien with the care of our bookkeeping, allowing us to focus on running the farm.

She has our work done in a timely manner, with no stress to ourselves. Her farming background gives her knowledge that sets her business apart from other services available.

Most of all this all comes with kindness, who else would offer to pick up groceries for their clients if they became sick with Covid19, she's amazing!

Deb Haylock

Whyte Farming Company - Deer, beef & sheep farming

Evelien has been doing our payroll since 2009.

We have found Evelien to be very trustworthy and obliging.

At times we have had to call on her expert advice in other IT matters, or clerking at our annual sale, nothing is ever a problem.

She is very competent and a pleasure to work with.

Leigh Whyte
Whyte Farming Company Ltd

Johnston Sherratt & Co Ltd - Accountant

Evelien and I have a number of mutual clients and we have worked together for a number of years.

The ledgers and  cashbooks I receive are accurate and timely and streamline the process of producing annual financial statements and other reports or advice that may be required during the year.

We collaborate to solve issues as they arise saving time at the end of the year.  Any additional information I may require is usually available and arrives in my inbox extremely quickly.  The Farm Office is great to work with.

Greg Johnston - Accountant

Matai Lands - Dairy Farming

Just a note to thank you for coming out to meet with me, considering I didn't know myself what I was going to ask or where even to start.  It was great how you listen to what I wanted to achieve, you spent the time to understand what was happening and then you came up with a solution. bottom line.............. 

"you solved my problem"

Yes, I would recommend you to my friends and fellow farmers.

Sven Berger - Matai Lands Limited

P J Kinsman & Co Ltd - Wool buyer & import business

P J Kinsman & Co Ltd relied on Farm Office Services to administer our bookkeeping requirements since 2012. 

We have found Farm Office Services at all times to be extremely efficient, reliable and trustworthy under the leadership of Evelien Baas. 

Evelien is extremely experienced and is not afraid to suggest new ideas and ways to improve our bookkeeping systems, which has proven to be very beneficial.

Paul Kinsman
Managing Director
P J Kinsman & Co Ltd

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