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Criminal history check

How do you do a criminal record check on a (prospective) employee?

How to hire someone subject to a satisfactory criminal history check?

Requirements for hiring subject to a criminal history check

How to do a criminal history check?

It is not quite as easy as it was when I last did one myself in early 2020, when it just required a signed form and a copy of an ID. 

Requesting own criminal history 

You can get the candidate to request their own criminal history and show it to you. This can be done online and is free. It requires the employees ID and the form signed by them. The results should be back in three working days.

If you want the results sent to you it is also done online, but you need to be registered with the ministry of justice and sign a contact to guarantee the safety of the reports. You probably are better off going through one of the companies already registered with the ministry of justice who can do a check for you. See some options below. They also mostly provide the results in three working days. The costs from $60 to $75 per check done through another company.

Criminal History Checks - Vetting Ltd New Zealand


Requesting your own criminal history